Which instruments? Violin, Piano or Cello for my child.

Learning a musical instrument is beneficial to anyone no matter who you are or what you do. Music provides benefits such that it is a good source of stress relieve and daily pressures faced. People that are avid music followers tend to be more composed during situations of turmoil in society as well as their personal lives.

Music has such a great ability that it tends to organize one’s mind in many different ways. For example, improving the brain memory of an individual. It can also be taken as a form of meditation to the human senses that can be used as a form of relief which may be faced during situations. For example, when you are feeling stress over an upcoming project that requires many creative ideas, music would come in as a stress reliever and new ideas may pop out with a clear and calm mind.

Before choosing an instrument for your child, you need to first understand some of the factors before coming to a decision on whether your child should learn it. 

1. Factors to consider before learning an instrument

Age: This is a very important factor as far as learning music is concerned.  With music, it is more of a skill based technique that is best acquired by regular practice and it is the younger minds that get to grasp the finer points faster and more intensively. When a child is considered, it does not make much of a difference if the child is eight or ten but more of the age bracket that would count.

Preparedness: A skill as music is best acquired by someone that is prepared for the tough grind that involves learning most of the time.  No matter how skilled the child is, there is bound to be a certain amount of struggle from the beginning to the end.  The child must be ready enough not just in physically but mentally as well while taking up an instrument.

Inclination: It is best to describe the aptitude as the inclination to picking up music and those that are bound to attain great heights are usually blessed with a certain amount of natural ability.  When the person is tuned in to the requirements of a field as music, the learning becomes a lot easier as well as smoother.

2. Instruments have different personalities and ways of expressing.

The second factor that parents should consider is the differences between the different musical instruments. It is similar to human beings that have different personalities and ways of expressing themselves. Musical instruments can be expressed differently with their own traits and personality which suits individual.

It is a fact that not all musical instruments are the same.  Each type of instrument has a type of focus and approach that is quite different from the other.  This is the primary reason that each type of musical instrument tends to differ from the other and with being the preferred instrument with anyone.

Comparing string instruments such as violin and cello, the violin has a higher pitch whereas a cello has a lower pitch and both are important instruments in an orchestra. The piano requires both left and right-hand coordination where the left hand usually plays the bassline and the right hand is the melody.

Most rhythms are quite the same throughout however, the means of achieving this rhythm is quite different in each case.  With the cello, violin and piano, it must be pointed out that the first two are primarily string instruments that need to be used directly.  The piano is also a string instrument but one that is played differently.  Thus, it is more a change of approach that is involved with each of the three concerned instruments.

3. Let your child decide, but guide them along the way.

With toddlers and younger students, there is bound to be some sort of favoritism based on personal preferences.  The best choice of an instrument is one that happens to strike a note with the student than to impose the will of the parents or any other elder onto the person.  This would hold well not just in the case of children learning music but with the older students of music too. Parents can guide their children by telling them the different pitch, the importance of the different instruments and let them try it themselves probably through trial lessons to let them have a good touch and experience on what they really like.

If a person is receptive to an instrument, then it would be much easier to take up instructions on the said instrument than anything else.  Thus, the right choice of a musical instrument is left to your child no matter how old he or she is.  The need to be focused at all times would make it rather convenient to take up the most convenient of instruments possible.

4. Inference

It could therefore be said that the best person to decide on what would be the most suited of musical instruments is the very person that is going to learn the music.  The piano could be used in case the child is willing to learn it and would look forward to the piano classes on most of the occasions.  This would be true in the case of violin and cello too.

The final choice of a musical instrument must lie with those that are learning the instruments and this would be the best approach. The parents and elders are the best guides to a child The best results with learning to play an instrument are when the student gets to link positively with the pieces.

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