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We are here to help Singapore violin and cello students to ensure that their strings instruments always works in the finest conditions. 

We also provide professional advice on how to upgrade your violin/cello accessories such as bridge, pegs, strings etc.

Strings Luthier repairing violin and cello in Singapore

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Our Services

Repair . Refine . Rehair

When you play your instrument on a regular basis, it’s only natural that it will require some repair from time to time.

If ever you notice any changes to the sound quality or playability of your violin, it may be a good idea to take it to a strings luthier (violin/cello restorer) to be serviced.

Full servicing should be done at least yearly or so to ensure that the instrument’s tone is at its finest – with the right servicing, you will get your instruments in best sounding performance. 

Violin Cello Bridge Restoration Singapore

Installation of Violin Parts

The installation of different parts of the violin and the cello includes strings. bridge, pegs, fingerboard, or soundpost. 

Tool to repair violin and cello

Violin and Cello Maintenance

Find that your violin or cello sounded weird but unsure what’s wrong? Let our professional luthier inspect and provide you with advice to see if your violin or cello is performing well. Inspection is Free.

Restore your violin with Singapore Strings Luthier

Fingerboard Adjustments

One of the common challenges for violinist and cellist will be the fingerboard. We offer planning, raising and regluing of fingerboard.

Singapore String Restoration Service

Violin Cello Upgrades

Do you know your cello or violin can sound better without you buying an even more expensive cello/violin? Simply upgrade the accessories such as strings, bridge, or tailpiece.

Where to Rehair violin bow in singapore

Bow Rehairing and Repairing

If you have a broken bow stick that needs to be repair or your annual cello/violin bow repairing. Also installation of leather thumb grip, and replacement for pearl slide and bow tip. 

Restore your violin with Singapore Strings Luthier

Polishing Cello and Violin

If you are looking to make your used cello or violin a brand new look, we offer cleaning and polishing for your strings instruments. This includes colouring and retouching of the varnish.

Recent Testimonials From Some Of Our Customers

Hundreds of violinists and cellist in Singapore trust us to repair and upgrade their strings instruments. But don’t just take it from us, here are some recent testimonials from people who matter..

“Their repairing service is excellent. My kid accidentally broke the bow hair and the luthier at Music Mood able to fix it within a day. 

They even readjusted the soundpost with no extra charge and given us some valuable advice on how to keep the cello. Highly recommended.”

Nadine Chia

Mother of Jackson, Cello Student

“I was looking to polish and clean my violin. This violin was pass to me as a gift from my friend. It’s been in the storeroom for more than 6 years. Thus there’s a stain on the violin body.

Visited Music Mood Strings Luthier and they have restored and clean the violin within a week.

Michal also told me that I am lucky that I didn’t intend to clean it myself as the chances of spoiling the varnish is very high. I am now holding a violin that looks brand new. Thank you!

Ban Seng

Adult Violin Student

“I have been engaging Music Mood Luthier for all my violin upgrades and restoration. Be it for my students or me.

Their price is really value for money and much cheaper compared to many other music retailers. I highly recommend other teachers and students to visit them for Free Inspection.

Thank you Music Mood! “

Joanna Teo

Private Violin Teacher

Singapore Strings Luthier

Violin restored

Cello restored

Brand Carry

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