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Your Violin & Cello Lessons with Music Mood just got better. 

  • Develops performance skills as soloist & as a member musician.
  • Provides a social & educational environment for personal motivation.
  • Learns to appreciate music at different levels of difficulty.
  • Develops confidence and self-esteem.
  • Engaging activities will lead your child to growing interest in the violin while having fun.


A 7 years old student,

who is learning the violin for more than a year,

asked his violin teacher

“Can he play the violin with his school classmate who is playing the cello?”


When the teacher told him

that it will be easier if they are learning the same instruments,

he shared that he has a wish to be able to learn and perform together with his friends.


Inspired by the story shared from one of our tutors,

Music Mood started Joyous Ensemble.

An ensemble for students to come together to have fun and gain more perspective of music learning.



Why join Strings Ensemble?

The Strings Ensemble Programme was designed with the aim of providing students with a comprehensive foundation. During this highly specialised programme, you are able to secure a wide range of skills necessary in developing a complete musician.

Developing Ensemble Skills

Ensemble Programme is a carefully structured syllabus that focuses on learning & acquiring musicianship skills which cannot be taught in an private class setting. You will also learn performance techniques.

Sense Of Achievements

All the students will be working together sensitively as a team to play the orchestral pieces. This will instils discipline in leadership training while provides a social & educational environment for personal motivation.

Make New Friends

During the programme, students will get to know other musicians who play the same or different instruments. It helps to improve children’s social skills while at the same time learns to appreciate music at different levels of difficulty.


The Modules
387 Joo Chiat Road
#02-13, 427623


$20/session of 2 hours







“The Strings Ensemble classes keep my child motivated more than any other thing.”


Gillian, Jonathan's Mother

“My daughter was absolutely delighted when the strings ensemble lessons were launched and she had the opportunity to play violin with her good friends!”


Grace Tan, Phoebe's Mother

“I am really glad that I joint the ensemble lessons. Met some awesome friends and making my music learning journey a whole lot more interesting!”


Patricia, Music Mood Cello Student


2 Hours for $20 only

Enjoy 2 hours Strings Ensemble Session and see the whole picture of what the Music Mood experience is like.

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