Learn the songs that you love on the cello.

The Piano Guys. 2 Cellos. Ghibli Collections. JJ Lin . Ed Sheeran

We know learning music is more fun when you are learning the songs that you love. This is why our cello lessons are structured to help students to learn to play the songs that they choose.


Why Learn With Us

Are you busy working adults and find it impossible to pick up an instrument due to your hectic schedule?

Do you find it hard to play better even after watching countless youtube tutorial videos?

Are you looking for cello lessons that allow you to learn the songs that you love?

As we have been playing the cello for many years and were once beginners, we understand the difficulties and challenges that you might face. On top of many reasons, here’s the top 4 reasons why students love us!


Effective Lessons Plan

We condensed all the complex concept in structured lessons. So you can learn it in the most effective ways. 


Cheaper Lesson Fees

By conducting the lessons in a small group setting, students fees are lower compare to 1-1 lessons.


Flexible Timing

We have a few sessions available in a week for you to schedule between.


Instrument Rental

We provide affordable rentals of cello so that you do not need to invest a big sum in a cello at the beginning stage.


Popular Courses

Animation Theme

If you get excited and touched every time when you heard achildhood favourite songs like sprited away, Totoro or “Your Name”, then here

Popular Songs:


 Ghibli Collections.  久石讓 Joe Hisaishi



Mandarin Pop Songs (中文流行曲)

Are you a fan of Jay Chou (周杰伦)Mayday (五月天)JJ Lin (林俊杰)?

Then this course will be perfect for you as you can start learning the songs by if you are able to learn your favourite idol songs on the cello?


English Billboard

Perfect by Ed Sheeran, A Thousand Years by Katy Perry, You are the reasons…

If you find yourself listening to English pop hits on the billboard, why don’t try playing it on the cello? Some of the songs are perfect to surprise your loved ones too!


How it works?


Read more to find out how we can help you speed up in your cello journey.

1. Fundamental Skills in just 8 Lessons

2-month classes

Suitable For Total Beginner

We understand the struggles of a beginner when it comes to learning the cello. This is why our cello syllabuses are crafted with concepts that are easy for you to understand.

That’s why we have put in lots of effort to craft out an effective syllabus and teaching style to help our adult students to be able to play their favourite songs on the cello!

2. Songs & Technique Workshops

3-hour courses

Suitable For Amateur Player

The Piano Guys. Ed Sheeran. Ghibli Collections…

What if you could learn your favourite songs on the cello with our flexible and effective learning structure?

Instead of running weekly classes, we run music workshops in sessions of 2-3 hours to maximise learning. 

Optional Private / Classes to hone your cello skills is available too. 

3. Self Learning Courses & Guides

Online Self Paced

to compliment workshops Learning

Upon completion of each workshop, our students will receive video resources of us guiding and practising with them what they have learnt. 

We also have secret Whatsapp and Facebook group to let all the students to share their progress and ask questions.

join US

Cello Starter Session for just $30.

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What's Your Musical Background?*:
I am new to musicI used to play an instrument but have stopped for more than a year.I am playing another instrument now but would love to learn cello.I am currently learning cello and would like to explore pop cello lessons.

Do you have your cello?*:

Bring a friend and each of you get $10 off. (Yes, that’s just $20 for 90mins lesson)

Limited Slots left due to high demand. 
*Music Mood reserve the rights to reschedule with students if the slots are full*

In this 90-minute cello starter session, you’ll get:

  • A quick Introduction to the fundamentals of cello.
  • Access to a effective system which we created that will SPEED UP your learning (regardless of your level)
  • FREE rental of cello that you could bring home to practice. 
  • 4 sessions worth of knowledge and information in just ONE LESSON! (worth $260)
  • To play your first song on the cello! (Yes! That’s how fast you can progress with us!)


What Our Students Say

The cello lessons are very enjoyable. I could never imagine to be able to play my favourite songs from 五月天 (Mayday) on the cello. The feeling is just amazing. Thank you Jayden!

Jane Koh Xin Hui

Fans of Mayday and Jay Chou

I love how the lessons are conducted in a very structured manner compared to other music schools that I have attended last time. The teacher is friendly and making the lessons truly enjoyable. Kudos to the team from Music Mood.

Benjamin Koh

Fans of Ghibli Collections

Below Are Some Of The Classes We Have Conducted…


Limited Slots Left

As we have a busy schedule, we are only able to attend to those who are willing to make a step forward and take action. 

Are you envious of friends who are able to play the cello?

Have you been procrastinating about achieving your cello goals for a long time? 

Would you like to re-ignite your passion for cello, advance on your learning journey and play your favourite songs for your loved ones and friends?

Now’s the time to take a leap forward! Once you embark on your journey, you will enjoy greater fulfilment in your life. 


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