My Child Wants to Quit Violin

1. Bring your child to a concert and be inspired by the musicians on stage playing the same instruments as they do.


When your child is uninspired by their instrument, there is a clear sign of rejection and the lack of motivation to practice diligently. However, if you bring them to a concert, the ambience of the concert hall, the beauty of sound travelling across the hall would greatly increase their interest. “Wow” would be the word that first come across their mind.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” – Pablo Picasso

2. Replace their current tutor or change their instrument

Does the main reason revolve around quitting or could it be due to other reasons that force them to quit?

Your child’s teacher plays an important role in their learning. It is the same when you are not interested to listen in Math class because the teacher is so boring or you were demoralized just because you cannot do simple calculations.

The instrument your child is currently playing may not be the choice they want because they are either being force by their parents or they made the wrong choice initially. Certain parents feel regretful because when they were young they did not have the opportunity to learn and play these musical instruments. Thus, they wouldn’t want their child to follow their footsteps and it can be a dream fulfilment for parents themselves because their child could play on behalf of them. You should then let them choose the instrument they want to instead of forcing them onto something they dislike.

3. Support from parents

Every child would want the support from someone they are closest with, and that is their parents. It would create a negative impact to a child if their parents neglect their talent or disapprove them from what they are doing. Parents need to know what theair children are doing and realize their talents so that encouragement and motivation are present. A support from a parent can also be tuning the piano at home as it shows your child the motivation to practice because there is an effort from your side to get the piano tuned.

You may also buy tickets and watch a concert with them. It not only shows your support towards what they are doing, but also give them a both listening and viewing opportunities of what it is like to be performing their instrument on such a big platform. For example, your child may come across playing a piece which is going to be played by the soloist during the concert. This is a form of encouragement and support.

4. Allow them to quit, balance their schedule and pick up violin again

If they have no interest in the instrument they are playing, consider stopping for a period of time. Allow your child to rest and after a while they might feel the urge or interest to take up the instrument again. In another case, let them rest for a period of time, thereafter begin the lessons again and see if there is progression or any changes in them.

One reason your child wants to quit may be due to their activities overloading and they have no time to spend with their friends. As such they feel lonely and being left out. Let’s say they missed out a social activity due to violin lesson, as a parent, host another event by inviting their friends over to make up for what they have lost.

Why not send your children to group lessons whereby it is not a one to one lesson and it enhances their learning ability as there is some interaction with their peers? Learning together is more effective and conducive for your child.

Adjusting their daily schedules and activities would allow them to consider playing the violin again.  Furthermore, allowing them to quit will give them a break from violin as well as letting them think better. To let them think better in a way means that your child may start to miss playing and practicing their violin. This would provide an opportunity to allow them to play the violin again.

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