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Importance of Parental Involvement in Music Lessons

Are you a principal or teacher in one of the preschools or childcare in Singapore? Then this post will be for you 🙂 Parent involvement helps extend teaching outside the classroom, creates a more positive experience for children and helps children perform better when...

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Why join a Strings Ensemble?

Why join a Strings Ensemble? Have you ever wish that you could earn better grades, feel less stressed out, or build your confidence? Perhaps you’d like to be able to earn extra money with odd jobs on the weekends, or would like to be an important part of exclusive...

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So where could we actually buy the best sounding violin or cello that we can afford in Singapore?

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Buy Violin or Cello in Singapore

One of the major concerns by parents and students will be looking for a good value violin or cello before their music lessons. Well, we understand that buying a violin or cello can be a long and confusing process. So where could we actually buy the best sounding...

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