Cello and Violin Rental in Singapore

Are you musician traveling to Singapore and looking for a violin or cello for a short period of time?

Or a beginner that just starting on the learning journey?

Let us offer you with our reliable musical instruments rental services and help you get the best value for your money.

Music Mood Instruments Rental program is convenient & flexible.

Are you a parent who is worried that your child’s interest in learning to play the instruments will not sustain. Or are you coming to Singapore for a short time period, and looking for an instruments to practice on? Then Musical Instruments rental is an option for you.

We currently offers rental service for Violin, Cello and Viola. All of our musical instruments for rental are in superior condition.


Flexible Plan

Rentals are billed quarterly in advance. If you return the rental instruments before the end of the renewal period, we will refund any unused portion of the rent, to the nearest complete month. Special short terms rental are available as well.

Rent To Own

Some instruments are under “Rent-to-Own” terms. Roughly 50% of your rental goes to your next purchase of musical instruments if you decided to buy one.

Wide Range Selection

From children’s to adult sized instruments or Beginner to Intermediate level, we holds a wide range of instruments for rent. We ensure our rental cello meet our high standards and set them up professionally before renting them out.

||..instruments are beautiful and the staff kindly gave us useful advice..||

We rented two violins for my kids for three months. Those instruments are beautiful and the staff kindly gave us useful advice. Thanks so much Jayden!

Masako, Mother of 2, Happy Customer of Music Mood

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    Are you looking to start on your cello journey?

    Music Mood Cello and Violin Core Workshops

    Our popular Pop Cello Class for Beginner Adults offer free rental of the cello for students throughout the course. The class aims to help beginner students to learn their favorite songs in a systematic approach.
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