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Looking to pass Grade 5 Music Theory Exams in Just 6 Months?


Our students attained a 100% pass rate with 90% achieving distinction or merit.

Designed specifically to help students skip grades 1-4 and take the grade 5 theory exam directly, saving time and money on unnecessary lower-level exams.

Why take grade 5 theory exam?


If you intend to go further than ABRSM Grade 6 practical exam in Singapore, you need at least passing the Grade 5 music theory exam. In addition, the ABRSM music theory program is often a prerequisite for secondary school music elective programs.

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“.. After the course, I am ready to sit for my ABRSM G5 Music Theory Exams. I am so proud that I have gotten a distinction with her help…”

Rachel Wong
Violin and Music Theory Student from Music Mood

Music Mood Music Theory Lessons

Our course is designed specifically to help students skip grades 1-4 and take the grade 5 theory exam directly, saving time and money on unnecessary lower-level exams.

With our proven and systematic approach, 90% of our students have achieved passes with merit and distinctions. We are confident your kids  can be our next success story.


Systematic Approach

We structured the music theory lessons in a clear & easy to follow plans. Making sure that you understand the whole topic before we move on to the next one.


Practices & Workbook

After every topic, lots of practices will be given with clear illustration on how to answer each of them.

Make it Fun

Who needs another boring academic lesson? We make music theory alive so you can enjoy it as much as we do!

Small Group Lesson

All music theory lessons are structured in less than 5 students. A small group size to ensure efficiency.


Mock Exams

Previous years exams paper will be provided prior taking of exam. Making sure that you are confident to score Distinction in the real exams.

Latest ABRSM Syllabus

Our music theory classes are structured according the ABRSM music theory syllabus, a standard curriculum for music theory well recognised by schools and musical programs in Singapore.

Ready to Pass your Grade 5 Theory Exam successfully in just one sitting? Contact us now to learn more about our music theory course.

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What's new for ABRSM online music theory?

As ABRSM is changing to an Online version starting November 2020, they have changed the style of the exam in order to support the new digital format. The exam platform, proctoring, and test delivery are provided by PSI which delivers over 15 million assessments every year.

Online Music Theory

Online Music Theory exams are available on demand. You can book at any time. After booking, candidates have 28 days to take their exam. They can choose any date and time during this period.


Online Music Theory registration fees in Singapore

Grade 1 129 SGD
Grade 2 142 SGD
Grade 3 154 SGD
Grade 4 178 SGD
Grade 5 188 SGD


What style of questions are involved in Online Music Theory?

The types of questions you may encounter are:

  • Multiple Choice: You choose the correct answer(s) from a list of options given. This can include True/False questions.
  • Fill in the Blank: You type your answer in a box provided, typically to complete a sentence.
  • Matching: You select the best answer(s) from a list of choices.
  • Drag and Drop: You move an image, such as a note head, to a larger image, like a stave.

What’s involved in proctoring?

Proctoring is a type of supervision that is comparable to having invigilators present in a physical exam room, but customized for online exams. Its purpose is to ensure that test-takers have completed their exams in compliance with our rules and specifications.

During the entire exam, the candidate’s webcam and exam software record them, including their desktop and audio. After each exam, skilled proctors assess the video recording. If any irregular behavior is observed, they report it to us, and we investigate it internally prior to releasing the results.

Online Music Theory ABRSM exams marking criteria:

The Music Theory exams for Grades 1 to 5 are evaluated on a total score of 75, with:
a minimum of 50 is required for passing,
60 for Merit, 
65 for Distinction.

The ABRSM online Music Theory program for Grade 5 employs objective test questions to assess candidates. This type of assessment features questions that have a definitive correct or incorrect response across all parts of the exam, allowing us to grant scores based on each candidate’s particular knowledge and comprehension of Music Theory.

Candidates are not required to pass each section of the exam to earn the overall certification.

The exams for Grades 1 to 5 are categorized into knowledge-based sections, as listed below.




Keys and Scales



Terms, Signs and Instruments

Music in Context


Marks available










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