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Qualified Music Tutors

We are very careful when we select our music teachers. We will allocate the teacher based on your preferences.


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Frustrated over the slow progress over your current music lessons? We ensure our tutors teach according to our structured lesson plan!


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Reviews are the backbone of this community which makes our marketplace stronger. This is why we constantly seek for feedback and reviews of our music tutors.

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We know that location plays a part in scheduling your lessons. This is why for your convenience most of our lessons are conducted at students house.

Most Popular Music Lessons by Music Mood Students

Violin Lessons

The violin is one of the most widely recognized musical instruments among children and adults of all ages.

Music Mood Violin Lessons are structured while at the same time getting the students ready in ABRSM/Trinity exams.

Piano Lessons

With its versatility, a pianist are able to play a variety of musical genres. It’s a beautiful instrument, both to look at and to listen to.

This is why the piano lessons are one of the most sought after lessons both in Singapore as well as in the world.

SG Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

It’s relatively easy to learn to play a simple song with a guitar, so you feel a sense of accomplishment quickly. On top of that It’s portable, so you can play it anywhere!

A man or woman who can play guitar is sexy. So start your guitar lessons today with Music Mood.

NEW: Pop Violin Lessons

Are you looking to perform that one special song to your love one, be it at a birthday party or when you are proposing? We have heard you!

Introducing our new pop violin lessons. Starting at just 4 lessons and you will be ready to shine in front of your love one.

Areas of focus

Wondering what are the thing we focus on during the music lessons? Explore below:

Learning to play a new instrument might sounds like a daunting task. However, it becomes much easier and more rewarding quickly, if the student develops good playing technique.

Having good technique from the beginning ensures progress, success, and allows students to reach their musical and creative goals on the instrument. For example, for students who are keen to learn violin, being able to hold the violin with good posture, having a relaxed stance, knowing where and when to use fingers to make noise and having a good bow hold and bow arm.

During our music lessons, excellent music playing technique will be taught and constantly reinforced. Different methods such as the Paul Rolland method and the Suzuki method are commonly taught. The combination of methods ensures that the student understands technical issues on the instrument and can approach new discoveries or problems from several different angles.

Sight-reading – reading and performing of a piece of written music that the performer has not seen before. All musicians are required to have good sight-reading skills as this makes learning new pieces much easier and quicker.

Just like learning to read words, learning how to sight-read music takes a lot of practice and discipline until it eventually becomes second nature. In each of our violin lessons, students are given a range of different tasks and activities to help them increase their sight-reading ability. Through all these training, students will learn to read and anticipate the changing dynamics in speed and volume as written.

Music Mood lesson focus on honing students’ short-term musical memories to allow them to read ahead while playing a piece so that they play it correctly when they get to that section. This is what we teach our students to master: the ability to read and play a piece of music upon first sight. As a result students are more likely to try learning new pieces of music by themselves, making them stronger and more well-rounded performers.

Music theory – the language used to talk about the music we hear and play. It is one of the most important things to learn as it helps musicians to not only become better performers, but also have a better understanding of the music they are playing.

Learning music theory also makes musical activities such as performing, composing, improvising, arranging, teaching music, or getting a music degree much easier once one gains a basic understanding of music theory. During our music lessons students will learn a range of different music theory subjects.

We will normally start the music theory lessons with notation which covers the staff, clefs, note names, rhythms, rests, intervals, meter and time signatures, key signatures, and dynamics. Students will also be taught about scales and chords (harmony), melodies, phrases, and musical forms.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or already know a lot about music theory our violin lessons are individually tailored to cover everything from the most basic scales to the most advanced notation. We also offer Music Theory Lessons for those who are just keen to learn it as a subject.

Explore new instruments and meet new friends over music!

While there is a good amount of music written for solo especially for violin, piano and cello; one of the most important and exciting parts of playing a musical instrument is having the opportunity to play music with other musicians. Playing in an ensemble means to play not just as a soloist, but as someone who collaborates with other musicians.

In our music lessons, students will learn how play duets and in other small ensembles to develop the skills needed to cooperate with other musicians. These skills include playing in the same tempo and style with others without a metronome or a conductor, listening to more than one musical line at once, and being able to express ideas and make decisions with another musician.

The skill of playing chamber music helps a student become more well-rounded and independent. Students also develop problem solving and communication skills that are necessary in becoming a strong musician.

Getting nervous over the upcoming exams or audition? Preparing for an ABRSM or Trinity exam takes careful planning and an awareness of the importance of including all aspects of the exam in the music lessons on a regular basis.

Whether you have an upcoming ABRSM or Trinity examination, our team of experienced music teachers are all familiar with the length of time it takes to prepare for each exam and the care needed to ensure that the most appropriate and appealing selection of pieces is presented.

Prior to any upcoming examination we help our students choose suitable pieces for the exam and make sure they have selected the right combination from the correct syllabus. We also incorporate at least a few minutes’ aural training and sight-reading into every violin lesson as well as giving them a mock exam well before the actual event.

Our students are also encouraged to perform the pieces to their family, relatives, and friends and to work through several sample papers before the exam so that they get used to the sort of questions that will be asked while staying within the time limit. Finally, we help students to develop their confidence in themselves and their abilities through practicing walking into a room and setting up to perform, as these are often the most nerve-wrecking moments before the actual exam.

How it works

Using Music Mood only requires you to complete a 30 second signup, and you are ready to start looking for the best music tutors.

No upfront payment and a responsive customer support team is ready to assist you at any time.


1. Register Interest

We want to know more about you! Let us know what’s your preferences and why do you want to learn the instruments? In Music Mood, we believe that every students and parents have an objective in mind when they want to learn a new instruments. We will look into it and suggest the best way to achieve that!


2. Confirming Details

Upon receiving your request, we will contact you to confirm the details and a search for the best tutor for you will be conducted upon receiving the commission fees. (You can read more about our commission policy here.)


3. Schedule your lessons

A profile of the tutor will be send to you including the background of the music teacher and details of the lessons (location, timing, fees etc.)

4. Connect with your teacher

If you are happy with the teacher, we will then inform the teacher and he/she will contact you directly. We are ready to help you if you need assistant in buying instruments!

5. Enjoy

We will make sure that the teacher will show up on time for every lessons! Enjoy learning the new instruments.

Psst.. if you think that your teacher done a great job, remember to leave them a review!


Meet Some of Our Star Tutors

Wondering who will you be expecting from us? Look for the respective profile of our star tutors below:

Singapore Piano Composer and TutorAn exceptionally versatile pianist, Tze Toh was described by The Strait Times as “an extraordinary musician whose idiom straddles comfortably between genres of classical, jazz, world and film music” and “possesses an original voice”.

From the age of 10 he taught himself piano, and picked up composition & improvisation. After graduating from National University of Singapore with a bachelor degree in Computer Science, he started working full-time as a freelance composer writing for film, animation and contemporary dance.

In 2011, he received the UK Song-writing Contest First Prize (Instrumental Category) for his fusion piece An Indian Folk song meets Jazz which the judges praised for its “originality in its attempt at fusing traditional Indian music and western jazz”.

His works have also been performed in Brazil, Poland, Spain, France, Scotland, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong. With his ensembles, he has performed for the Indonesia Music Expo (IMEX)ASEAN Jazz Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, MOSAIC Music festival, Hua Yi Arts Festival, Kalaa Utsavam Festival.

An integral part of Singapore’s contemporary music community, as both composer and improviser, he was inspired by Singapore’s unique identity – a melting pot of diverse and distinctive cultures from east and west that co-exists harmoniously, which led him to explore music creation as a coming together of diverse elements, be it musical, cultural, social or personal. This very idea of harmony itself inspired him greatly and along with the belief that life and music are a constant journey led him to create the unique fusion group.

Violist and Singapore Viola TutorBenjamin Wong graduated with honours from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music of National University of Singapore where he studied under Associate Prof. Zhang Manchin, Principal Violist of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, after being awarded full scholarships. He also studied violin with Mr. Cheung Wai Lap, violinist from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Benjamin has taken masterclasses with many international artists such as Paul Silverthorne, Yizhak Schotten, David Erlich. As a chamber musician, he was finalist in the Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition and has participated in chamber music programmes and festivals in France, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Australia. An active orchestra player, he been performed under the baton of Eiji Oue, Philipe Herreweghe Mark Wigglesworth, Robert Spano, Tan Dun, and many other great conductors.

He was the Principle violist of the Hong Kong Baptist University Orchestra, Collegium Musicum Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Youth Strings. He was also Principle violist of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Orchestra, and was selected to be part of a collaboration concert with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra in 2012 and 2014. Benjamin is now performing with Metropolitan Festival Orchestra and Singapore Lyric Orchestra.

Besides classical music, Benjamin is experienced in other styles and genres. He recorded a pop song with Mag Lam and also performed with Jazz singer Laura Fygi. He also toured with the W!LD RICE theatre to perform the play ” The Importance of Being Earnest” in Macau.

As an Music educator, Benjamin was appointed as a Leader-mentor for Singapore National Youth Orchestra in the Lanxess-SNYO Classic Concert in 2014. He had also conducted music activities with students in SOTA (The School of the Arts, Singapore). He is now teaching at Coronation Music School and Anglo-Chinese School (International).

3 Tutor levels with friendly pricing

All of our music teachers have conducted lessons for at least 3 years with an proven track record of grooming students.

Certified Tutor

Best for beginner young learner: $40/hr

Grade 8 in ABRSM (or equivalent) music teachers who are experienced in teaching music lessons to young learners. Their initial qualification is reinforced by Music Mood’s training program. This is the entry point for most of our coaches.

Advanced Tutor

Best for intermediate young learner: $60/hr

Music teachers who are holding Diploma in Music with successful track record of more than 5 years. One of the most popular options for students that want faster results.

Expert Tutor

Best for adult or advanced learner: $80-$100/hr

Exceptional music teachers with an outstanding ability to engage students, remarkable expertise in imparting playing skills, and share their performance and overseas experience. They are holding at least a degree in Music Education in respective instruments.

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