Almost every child loves music. In Singapore, parents love sending their children for music classes, sports lessons and curriculum activities. Many parents come to our violin teachers asking about the best route for their children to mastering the violin — steps to taking ABRSM exams and music theory exams.

However, we believe that the best way of learning for children is to enjoy and be passionate about learning music. Our violin teachers do prepare children for ABRSM exams and help them practice their selective pieces, learn sight reading and music theory. But the most important factor in your child’s music journey is his or her passion for learning the violin. In addition, there are many advantages from violin lessons that can help your child in the future.

Improve hand-and-eye coordination

All musicians have to read music notes while playing simultaneously. When taking violin lessons at the beginning, all students will be slow in playing and reading music pieces at the same time. However, over time with practice, as well as practice in sight reading music, children will learn to read while playing with ease. This hand-and-eye coordination is not only useful in playing violin. This ability can be brought over to sports such as tennis and badminton which require more attention and hand-and-eye coordination.

Enhances creativity and memory

When learning a new violin song, it inevitably gets ingrained into students after constant practice. Violin lessons and violin teachers help to motivate children to repeatedly play the violin and grasp the rhythm of notes. Because of constant repetition, children’s memory is pushed and this builds muscle memory. In addition, practice coordination between their left and right arms promote short-term memory which is vital to building a strong music foundation.

Violin lessons for children also promotes creativity. When learning a new instrument or composing songs, children’s brain are given the ability to test out new chords and melodies. The creativity needed in music could carry in your child’s experiences in art, sports and academics too.

Determination and perseverance

Like any other hobby, learning the violin takes time and effort. The number of hours spent practicing is countless. Many children (and adults) want to give up after a couple of lessons spent learning the violin. This is normal. The factor that differentiates experts and beginners is the determination that one has. In any field, determination is a key factor in succeeding.

How would a professional violinist be able to master any song if he gave up after only one day? Having a good violin teacher makes the journey to success in music easier. A good violin teacher will provide a positive learning environment during violin lessons and motivate your child to love the art of creating and composing music.

Give your child a head start in learning the violin

If you want to give your child a healthy childhood and introduction into music, sign up with our violin teachers! Our violin teachers have many positive testimonials and our goal is to make learning the violin enjoyable for anyone. Fill up the contact form or visit our contact us page to sign up for our violin lessons in singapore.

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