Singapore Strings Instruments Store


Quality handcrafted Violins & Cellos make available to Students in Singapore. 

  • Imported from Hong Kong, selected strictly on domestic and international high-quality timber wood.
  • Use of Specialised storage, natural drying technique.
  • Organised by Master Violin Maker who won awards in 20th VMSA International Violin Making Competition.



What grade of instruments should I get?

Music Mood has worked closely with the strings instruments suppliers to bring quality violin and cello to all our students. We are proud to show you the following series of instruments that you are able to choose from depending on your level and budget.

Beginner Model

Best for students who are total beginner and are kids.


Best for adult beginners who intend to save up without switching to a new violin in near future or players who have played the violin for 1-2 years.


For professional musicians and experienced violinists & cellists who wish to get a hold of master grade violins and cellos.

“I bought Vn10 for my son and he loves it so much. Thanks Jayden for recommending this suitable violin.”


Joanna, Miller's Mother

“My daughter was absolutely delighted when she received her violin. Thanks Music Mood for the great service.”


Grace Tan, Phoebe's Mother

“Finally found an affordable cello for my son! Other music store recommended an expensive cello to push up their sales, but Music Mood recommended the beginner model as he will need to change another cello when he grows up. Thanks for the honest recommendation, my son loves his cello very much as well.”


Patricia, Music Mood Cello Student
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