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Strum . Pick . Fingerstyle

We understand that when you are first starting on this journey, probably after watching a YouTuber, you have create a new passion, interest, and longing to learn the guitar. However, it is hard to find a good guitar teacher in Singapore specially for beginner students. 

This is where Music Mood matching service comes in handy. With over 80 guitar teachers in Singapore, we provide home based guitar class, as well as beginner friendly group class at our Music Studio. 

Sora trying out cello in singapore

Always wanted to start on guitar but find it daunting? Students who are looking to embark on the guitar journey in a flexible and fun way, we have heard you!

Introducing Music Mood Beginner Guitar Lessons:

  • A course structured for beginner guitar players who wish to start on their guitar journey.
  • Address common mistakes to avoid improper posture when playing the guitar.
  • Customised exercises that will help you perfect the required musical skill for the piece.
  • Suggested age for participants: 13 and above
I have been teaching classical guitar and acoustic for 5 years. I love playing the guitar and I have been into this entertainment for the past 13 years. My goal is to inspire the guitar learners out there to enjoy playing the guitar and enhance their music studies further into a higher education or in terms of a career.

I also have a dream of earning a Ph.D. in Music, focusing on improving tutoring abilities in both instrument and theory. I have been performing with various guitar celebrities such as Sungha Jung, Kotaro Oshio, and Andy McKee. I will show my students how to learn some tricks and guitar techniques to make a great guitar composition and to play like their guitar celebrities. Taking up exams is a serious investment for many potential guitar learners and I will help you to excel in both your practical and theory.

Why Learn Guitar With Us

Beginner Guitar lessons in Singapore that focus on:

  • Quick and fun ways to learn how to play the guitar.
  • Proper techniques and posture in playing the guitar.
  • Learn basic chords reading and musical sheets.
  • Exercises for tempo and fingerstyle guitar training.

    Our Guitar Teachers Produce Great Results for Beginner Students

    We match you with the right guitar teacher who can meet your learning goals whether you just want to play for enjoyment, aim for top grades in music exams such as ABRSM/ Trinity, use specific techniques to play more professionally, or more!

    On top of many reasons, here are the top 4 reasons why students love us!

    Professional Music Teacher

    At Music Mood, we carefully filters through each teacher from the point of registration, to their interaction and their track record.

    All Music Mood cello teachers have verified credentials and certifications with proven track record of grooming students.


    Simple Process

    Using Music Mood only requires you to complete a 30 second signup, and you are ready to start looking for the best music tutors/performers.

    No upfront payment and a responsive customer support team is ready to assist you at any time.

    Open Communication

    Maintaining regular communications among the parents, students and musicians will facilitate the process of establishing productive relationship.

    We constantly seek for feedback & reviews of our music tutors and performers.


    Instrument Rental

    We provide affordable rentals of guitar so that you do not need to invest a big sum in a cello at the beginning stage.

    Let us help you start your guitar journey.

    We have the information and teachers’ contact to help you with your beginner guitar journey. Simply fill in the form below and our team will contact you. (The service is free) Read more to find out how we can help you kickstart your guitar lessons.

    Beginner Guitar Lessons in Singapore

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      I am new to musicI used to play an instrument but have stopped for more than a year.I am playing another instrument now but would love to learn guitar.I am currently learning cello and would like to explore pop guitar lessons.

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      Kids Guitar Lessons

      Are you a parent looking for a private guitar teacher that can go to your house for beginner guitar classes?

      Looking for a Suzuki guitar teacher who is friendly yet committed to helping your kids?

      Since 2014, Music Mood has helped more than 2000 parents who are looking for guitar teachers in Singapore. With our strong connections with the guitarist and symphony orchestra, we are the go-to platform to let you quickly find a teacher for your kids, if they are at the beginning stage of the guitar journey.

      Adult Guitar Lessons

      We understand the struggles of a beginner when it comes to learning the guitar. This is why our guitar syllabuses are crafted with concepts that are easy for you to understand.

      We have put in lots of effort to craft out an effective syllabus and teaching style to help our adult students to be able to play their favourite songs on the guitar!

      Some songs that you can expect include River Flows in You, 月亮代表我的心,晴天 and many more.


      Online Guitar Lessons

      Online guitar class can be a good option if you are looking for a quick way to learn the guitar without the need of traveling to the teacher’s studio.

      By choosing online beginner guitar lessons, you have more control of your time and can practice anytime you want.

      Online guitar class is normally more suitable for students who have a background in guitar. And have a basic understanding of the structure of the guitar

      Upon completion of each workshop, our students will receive video resources of us guiding and practicing with them what they have learned.



      Start your beginner Guitar journey today.

      Are you envious of friends who are able to play the guitar?
      Have you been procrastinating about achieving your guitar goals for a long time?

      Would you like to re-ignite your passion for guitar, advance on your learning journey, and play your favourite songs for your loved ones and friends? Now’s the time to take a leap forward! Once you embark on your guitar journey, you will enjoy greater fulfillment in your life. 


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