Want To Learn Cello Easily?


You can start playing the cello in just 1.5 hours even if you are a complete beginner!

❌ No music background needed

❌ No difficult music theory required

If you find that hard to believe…

Watch this video of our students play the cello after attending our first class!

Yes, this is only after an hour of practices. And all of them are new to cello with zero or little music background.

(Click on play button)

Hi, I’m Jayden and I specialize in teaching adults how to play the Cello over the last 10 years. 

If you’ve always wanted to play the Cello

But have been told:

– It’s too late to start learning as an adult

– You need to have “music background”

Then you’ve been LIED to!

The truth is there’s a simple and progressive method to playing the Cello. 

Read on to find out how

Why beginners don’t have to learn cello the “traditional way”?

The traditional way of learning the Cello requires a lot of time. 

⏰ Time to learn basic music theory. 

⏰ Time to get the techniques perfect. 

⏰ Time to practice. 

But as working adults, you work 50 hours a week and barely have time for yourself.

So the last thing you want is to sign up for boring cello lessons…

And be able to play only simple songs after MONTHS of practice.

Here’s our secret to helping students learn the Cello fast:

Over at Music Mood, we’ve developed a method to help beginners start playing their favourite songs in just 10 lessons. 

Songs like Canon in D, A Thousand Years, 告白气球,Bach Prelude No 1…


We bring them through a proven 4 part method called the NRBB method.

Notes, Rhythm, Bowing, Bottleneck.

To put it simply, how this method works is…

Instead of focusing on complex concepts, we get them to start playing first. 

Once you start playing, we then work on your techniques and rhythm.

You will also learn our unique note-reading system which allows you to start playing beautiful melodies on the Cello.

This saves you a lot of time from the “traditional way” of learning music. 

We’ve been using this method to help hundreds of students learn the Cello successfully. 

Adult Cello Lessons in Singapore

If you’ve always wanted to play the Cello…

I’d like to invite you to our trial class to experience our learning method.

In this trial class, you will learn:

✅ The proper posture to hold the Cello

✅ How to hold the bow correctly

✅ Our “secret” left hand posture allows you to play more effectively

✅ How to play a very popular tune on the Cello

By the end of this trial class, you will be AMAZED at your ability to play the Cello, even if you have no prior music background!

Where are we located?

Sunshine Plaza (Office Tower)
91 Bencoolen Street, #11-02

{Opposite NAFA}

A Special Offer For You

To help kickstart your Cello playing journey…

We are giving you a 50% off of usual rates.

Our rates are usually $100/lesson.

But if you sign up today, you can join our trial class at just 



Here’s What Our Students Say About Our Class

The cello lessons are very enjoyable. I could never imagine to be able to play my favourite songs from 五月天 (Mayday) on the cello. The feeling is just amazing. Thank you Jayden!

Jane Koh Xin Hui

Fans of Mayday and Jay Chou

I love how the lessons are conducted in a very structured manner compared to other music schools that I have attended last time. The teacher is friendly and making the lessons truly enjoyable. Kudos to the team from Music Mood.

Benjamin Koh

Fans of Ghibli Collections


1. I am a complete beginner. Is this suitable for me?

Yes, we designed our specifically for beginners. It’s step-by-step and easily to follow.

2. Where are the lessons held?

We are located at Sunshine Plaza (Office Tower) #11-02

3. When are the trial lesson dates/timings?

Once you’ve indicated interest here, we will contact you to fix the trial class.


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