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We have helped many experienced music teachers in Singapore to earn full time living out of what they are good at- teaching music. Now is your turn.
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Who should apply to be Music Teacher in Music Mood?

As a private music teacher in Music Mood, you are in fact the most important people in this academy. You are the one that will meet our students, imparting your knowledge and share your beliefs in music every time.

This is why we take pride and always carefully select the teachers eligible join us to make a big impact in other people’s future. Here are a few things we look out at during our interview:

Good Attitude

Your attitude defines your character and teaching style. We stress more on this than your musical skills.


Teacher must be knowledgeable about the instruments and music theory.



Follow Lesson Plan

Teacher have to follow the lesson plan to ensure all important skills are being taught.


Teacher cannot gets angry easily and always shouts at students.

Minimum Grade 8

Teacher who apply must be holding at least Grade 8 in ABRSM or equivalent.


Good in Communication

Teacher need to express your points easily through clear explanation.

Join Music Mood. Make An Impact To Students.

Our vision is simple. To help good music teachers get notified by students.

Hundreds of our Music Teachers have benefited by joining this family by receiving new tuition assignments. Music Mood Singapore welcome aspiring or current tutors to join us.

Tutors may fill up the form below and we will contact respective tutors when suitable tuition assignments arises.
Oh, did i mentioned that registration is FREE!


Full Time Living

Over the years, we have successfully help many music teachers to earn their full time living through constant referral of students.


Flexible Hour

As a private music teacher, you can schedule your own plan and only teach when you are free.


Training Provided

Not too sure how to teach? We provide training to ensure that you are well prepared to teach.

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